By: Mike Clarke

REAL TALK with Mike Clarke:
Effective Communications

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I stopped at a red light the other day and saw five  good-looking people waiting for the bus, likely on their way to work or school. It was a bright, sunny morning, the kind that instantly puts you in good spirits. 

What stood out for me is that each of them them was completely engaged in a mobile device and seemed completely oblivious to anyone else around them. Yes, it was that noticeable.

My mind always deals in Opportunity and I thought of all the interesting human connections that might have occurred in that scenario, but didn’t because of “smart” technology, either business related or just pleasant interaction with another person.  

Texting, instant messaging and mobile apps may be king nowadays, but they won’t help you become successful in any kind of relationship if you have poor communication habits to begin with. 

I’ve been a realtor for 28 years and the question I get asked the most is how I’ve maintained longevity in such a change-filled industry.  How do I lead a successful team to victory among more than 42,000 Toronto realtors? 

I’d say one of the top reasons is that we take our communication very seriously. We do use the latest technology, but we also invest in people and processes to keep you informed every step of the way.

First and foremost – we are good listeners. If we don’t pay close attention to what your requirements are, the transaction can’t move forward. Representing your best interests accurately is key. 

We also consider ourselves educators. You may be a first-time buyer or seller, or you may be a pro, but there are always teaching points along the way that can make the journey stress-free for you. Our proven checklist system ensures nothing gets overlooked.

Furthermore, we work hard to make our response times exceptional - simply because we know it builds trust and shows integrity. We record and follow up every sign call and report open house feedback. 

I caution prospective sellers all the time that their agent of choice should demonstrate (not just talk about) how well they can handle “the little things”.

In real estate, good communication can outlive the negotiation and pave the way for future business!

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Until next time, MIKE