By: Mike Clarke

REAL TALK with Mike Clarke:
How Do We Establish Trust?

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This is a great question. Truth is, we all have different criteria. Most of us depend on a personal recommendation from someone we already trust. A lot of us choose a recognizable name or brand we’ve seen on a consistent basis. Some of us go on a gut feeling based on past experiences.
Next to getting married or having children, buying or selling a home is right up there as one of life’s biggest decisions. So it made perfect sense that the sellers of 89 Coleman Avenue were extremely thorough. They interviewed three prominent agents in the area to help them decide who they would trust to sell their home — in the manner in which they like to do business.
As an agent I negotiate successful transactions, but it’s also my my job to figure out what’s important to my customers. In this case, by asking a lot of questions, I was able to discover how my clients established trust: they stressed it was important for them to understand the entire process from start to finish. I’ve spent years perfecting a team that excels at client care and processes that deliver the most thorough communication possible to our customers. In a market where buyers and sellers can feel rushed into making decisions, I believe this is our forté. 
My client care manager Helen followed up with these customers and sent them thorough instructions on how their home selling process would play out, sending a list of what was required to put their home on the market. We supplied answers for all aspects of commissions, required documents, concerns, disclosures, legal issues, closing costs, etc. This was a Friday and they asked me to give them 2 or 3 days to process everything. They were very appreciative and thanked me and my team. 
I was so pleased that when Monday arrived we were notified that we had their trust and their business. What is the recurring lesson here? That practicing patience and serving your client’s  needs is the basis of attaining trust and the foundation of a good relationship. 
The result? We received 5 offers a week later and were able to surpass their expectations with an offer of $90,000 over asking!