By: Mike Clarke

REAL TALK with Mike Clarke:
Everyone's Got a Weird Family, Right?

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It’s not something we announce but it sure rings loud and clear whenever a family drama unfolds —particularly when it’s time to sell the family home! When parents have passed or have become incapacitated, it’s difficult to get siblings or other family members to agree on what’s best. Times like this can bring out bad behaviour and relations can become so damaged that they are irreparable by the time the house is sold and the dust settles. 

There are many personal and legal obstacles to overcome and that stress can be very taxing to all involved. Much of this stress can be prevented if family members take the time to sit down in advance and discuss “what if” scenarios, well ahead of an unfortunate or unexpected event. Here are my words of wisdom after dealing with these family situations for almost three decades: 

Words to live by. 
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