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For many years, East York had the highest percentage of senior citizens in Toronto. These demographics have changed as an influx of young families are moving into the neighbourhood with its family-friendly appeal and easy access to downtown Toronto. When the Township of East York was incorporated in 1924, it was mostly market gardens, a handful of brick-making yards and a race track. Its population consisted of employees of these businesses as well as returning WW1 veterans and their families. Homes in the community were built in stages from as early as 1890 through to the early 1960s, resulting in an assortment of styles from one street to the next. There are two storey or one-and-a-half storey detached and semi-detached bungalows as well as an abundance of bungalow. "Topping up" bungalows and turning them into larger two-storey homes has been popular in recent years. 

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