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There's a pride of ownership in Topham Park, a tightly-knit community of only a few hundred homes, situated on quaint boulevards and pretty culs-de-sace. Topham Park was an apple orchard until 1944, when the Crown purchased the property for war veteran housing. The neighbourhood was developed by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation between 1944-46. The streets were given military names like "Warvet" and "Valor". Some streets were named after military men. In the early days, Topham Park was known as "Sunshine Valley" because of a local busdriver who called out the stop on his route. Topham Park's wartime homes are located in the centre of the neighbourhood between Selwyn and Squires Avenues from St. Clair Avenue north to Tiago Avenue. Built between 1944-46, they are distinguishable by their bright frame siding, front porches and manicured lawns. Many have undergone significant upgrades or improvements, but the integrity and wartime era charm remains. 

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