Mike Clarke, Sales Representative & Team Leader

For 28 years, Mike has focused on continuously adapting his business style to remain in the top 1% of his peers. He doesn't compromise when it comes to creating a win/win for his clients. He is a master negotiator and a fair advisor to those he represents — a straight-shooter when people are counting on him. 

Born and raised in St. John, New Brunswick, Mike moved to Toronto when he was a teen, where he met Madeleine, his childhood sweetheart and wife of 38 years. When Mike left school, he began a career in the pharmaceutical industry, advancing to become manager of the consumer products division for a major industry player in western Canada. As an aside, Mike has traveled every province in the country and has plenty of stories to tell — his free spirit reveals a lot of nostalgia for the people, cultures and places he's encountered.

After reaching the top of his game in pharmaceuticals, Mike decided to reinvent himself as a real estate agent, specializing in representing  first time buyers. In his 5th year, he rose to the #4 ranking agent in North America.

His "aha" moment came after hearing a prominent industry guru speak in Toronto about becoming a businessman, not just a salesman. In a bold move, Mike rose from his status as an independent rep to becoming the leader of the very first real estate team in Toronto. He  organized his business to include customer care specialists, as well as marketing and lead gen professionals. Mike later joined Keller Williams where, he says, he was intrigued by profit sharing and the learning-based culture. His current team remains competitive, consistently generating fresh ideas for marketing homes. 

An advocate for 
contribution and leadership, Mike has spent many years studying relationships, business leaders and education forums that focus on quality of life. Mike's passion for people runs deep. He's genuinely interested in making a difference in his clients' lives and understands the impact of important life decisions. He has also spent many hours mentoring others in the industry.  Through it all, he has praised Madeleine as his sounding board, business partner and best friend. 

A firm believer in work-life balance, Mike spends time mastering a healthy lifestyle and pursuing personal development. He enjoys leisure activities with friends and family, most recently as a grandparent.  If he's not on the golf course, Mike likes to travel, attend local sporting events and spend time at his cottage. He enjoys boating, music and plays a little 'Old Timers' hockey. 

If he had not become a real estate specialist, Mike says he would have been a criminal lawyer — or a movie-star. We think he came pretty close.