Sell Your Home Stress-Free


A lot has happened in the market since you last sold your house. Maybe it's all brand new to you. Either way, it's tough to negotiate a fair price for the place you call home. It's a complex, emotional time. There may be other family members to consider, closing costs might be a factor, you may have closing dates to coordinate as you transition into your new home. It's a lot to take in.

Signing a Listing Agreement with a trustworthy representative can be a huge asset to you. It obligates a listing agent to represent only your interests in all negotiations and ensures there are no compromises to your final sale price. Homes sold through a listing agent typically attract final sales prices that are 10% higher than a "for sale by owner" transaction. The Mike Clarke team has a proven marketing system for selling your home to an expansive network of motivated buyers. We don't just put a sign on the lawn and walk away. There is an entire process that is put into motion the moment you sign with our team. A property transaction means nothing if you're not happy with the process. Our goal is to create a STRESS-FREE home sale while negotiating top-dollar for you.

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